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Revel Roughing Up The Neighborhood

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 10th September 2008 1:49am
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The construction at Revel has ruffled the feathers of local city inspectors who claim that streets, sidewalks and a bunch of other stuff surrounding the property has been damaged or destroyed.

Duh. It's a construction site... of course the surrounding areas are going to get roughed up a little. We've all seen it before from our home towns to Las Vegas to Macau... construction of large buildings frays the edges of the surrounding areas.

It's kinda funny how local Atlantic City government loves to find any reason to either fine or poke their fingers at casino developers. Revel to their credit agreed that they are going to pay to fix whatever it is that gets mangled during the construction process. Again, this is like way obvious. Why would someone build a $2B casino resort and not have every square foot on all the streets and sidewalks surrounding it spotless, perfect and impeccably groomed.

I often wonder if Atlantic City should change it's name to "Shoot Yourself In The Foot City."

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