Summer In The (Atlantic) City : Some Thoughts And Photos

Atlantic City Casinos at Thirty, August 2008

Posted by Dr. Dave Schwartz


They are obsessed with rules and regulations in and around Atlantic City. I had to explain to my wife that bicycle riding is only permitted on the Boardwalk during certain hours. She was amazed. Here's another example of the officious approach to fun: subject all coolers to search, lest someone smuggle down a wine cooler or two. Talk about a buzz kill.

Dr. Shrink - Ballys Wild Wild West

Bally's Wild Wild West has all sorts of faux Western advertisements, like this one. They aren't that inspiring. If I was in charge, I'd put up a billboard for Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen (with the famous murder ride) just for laughs.

Dr. Shrink - Ballys Wild Wild West

Here's the inside of the WWW-it's about what you'd expect. I didn't get a shot of the animatronic talking prospector and mule-that combo makes the Sam's Town free show look like the freaking Matrix.