Summer In The (Atlantic) City : Some Thoughts And Photos

Atlantic City Casinos at Thirty, August 2008

Posted by Dr. Dave Schwartz

Dennis Hotel

Bally's did something right: there used to be a bunch of shops, including the city's worst buffet, in front of the old Dennis Hotel, which is now part of Bally's. Bally's didn't own the shops, but apparently they bought the land and demolished them. The result is a dramatic improvement: the historic Dennis is open to the Boardwalk again, and there's a great space for all kinds of events in front of it.

Atlanticcity08 Pinnacle P2

Looking NE

Atlanticcity08 Pinnacle P1

Looking SW

Two views of the "big hole" Pinnacle AC CEO Kim Townshend is so proud of. See my blog entry for more. This is what $400 million buys you these days, apparently.