Summer In The (Atlantic) City : Some Thoughts And Photos

Atlantic City Casinos at Thirty, August 2008

Posted by Dr. Dave Schwartz

AC Boardwalk

Nice shot of the Boardwalk. Run down and completely modern at the same time.

Corrugated Shed

Hey, let's put a corrugated steel shed on the Boardwalk. This building is completely new and a complete waste of space. If the Hard Rock Club "Wasted Space" looked like this, it would be truth in advertising.

Off key singer

A really, really, pathetically old guy singing off key, and hoping for money. Here's my analogy for the city: you had this guy, then a little further down some guy banging drums, then past that a guy playing sax. If they pooled their resources, they'd be a kickass band (or not). But instead they just plug along by themselves and sound miserable.